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LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard
LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard


LaserPro™ Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

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The laser keyboard from the future is here! 


Write Longer Texts - Write texts on your phone easily

Extreme precision - The touch sensitivity makes this keyboard as precise as any other keyboard

Holds your phone - The white keyboard is equipped with a mobile bracket to hold your phone while typing

Powerbank - The extremely performant battery lets you charger your phone from your keyboard

Portable - Fits in any pocket or purse


👉Essential for Writing Long Texts

Traveling, blogging, or just working on your business, the laser keyboard is really an essential for all of those events. It makes the task of writing from your phone way easier. Once you try it, there is no going back!

Get rid of all the frustrations of writing on your small phone keyboard. This accessory is perfect for every traveler, blogger, and business man. It lets you stay productive while traveling, waiting, or everywhere that you can't bring your computer with you.

A true no-brainer for every blogger out there!

While the laser keyboard is perfectly adapted for travelers, it is also the perfect accessory for influencers, people working from home, and also plain-out texters. It has been proven to take up to 50% less time when texting.


👉Touch Sensitive to Offer The Most Precision When Typing

Do you remember typing a text from your phone without having any typos? Us neither, because it never happened! With the increase sensibility and ultra-precise sensors in the laser keyboard, you can kiss typos goodbye!

This item has been proven to reduce typos by up the 75%. Can you imagine all the time and frustration saved! 

Also, the multiple gesture functions make it easier than ever to enlarge, move or stretch the keyboard projection. This makes it perfect to write off a table, desk, or even grass.


👉Equipped With a Mobile Phone Bracket

Let's face it, we are always trying to find a better way to put our phone down. It seems that it is always falling or moving. With our integrated mobile bracket, you can have your phone in the perfect position every time, while being able to type or even watch movies.

The bracket is adjustable, it holds phones from every model or size and is fully retractable after usage.

The bracket is only available with the white model!!!!


👉Extremely Good Battery Life, With a Power Bank Function!

A good battery life is really crucial for every accessory. The laser keyboard's battery can last to up to four times longer than a regular phone battery. That means it has a battery life of almost 12 hours! This feature really separates our laser keyboard to other similar items.

How often do you need a power bank? Nowadays, it seems that our phone battery is always down. The laser keyboard is here to fix this problem. Indeed, it's integrated power bank function can let you charge your phone at any time. You can even charge your phone while using it to type for an all-day usage.

This essential accessory is also shipped with a free charging cable so you don't have to spend more money on it. A value of 20$ completely free!


👉Super-Slim Design, Fits in a Purse, Bag or Pocket

The slim design makes it the perfect item to carry with you. It will fit in the pocket of every pair of pants and also in every purse. Even if it is a little bit thicker than your phone, it is narrower and shorter than your phone.

Don't forget about the retractable bracket that also saves space!

👉Two keyboard designs, one laser-red, one standard. Perfect for every time of the day

As multiple individuals now work from home, it is more and more common to work during the night. The two keyboard design perfectly adapt to every time of the day. Whether you are using the standard white during the day, or the laser red during the night, you will receive the best performance out of your keyboard.

With the two colors available for your keyboard (black and white), you really can find the perfect laser keyboard for YOU!

    Similar devices can cost up to 500$. Get yours for only $79.99 today!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Esperanza Crist

    Totally as in the description, very comfortable and functional has been great and you can choose if you want with much brightness or little. Thank you recommended

    Cheyanne Ryan

    For a moment I hardly believe, but after test it in practice, surprised me, I had never imagined a modernity as this!, I am now writing this review by own keyboard laser, it actually works!

    Felicia Durgan

    It came in good time, the product in perfect condition, super nice, it projects very well and is quick when writing on it, it is an excellent choice to give away. Looks like magic, a ten.♥

    Orville Prohaska

    Pros: It is portable, small and convenient for small spaces s. Cons: sensor sensitivity is very annoying, touch keep your hands away so that you don't confuse and recognize that key oppressed, it's like writing on an old typing machine and already after a while the lacer starts to irritate the eyes and I put it in as little intensity as possible

    Bianka Gulgowski

    I haven't tried it. I ordered two for gift. I'll leave an additional comment when I try them. They arrived in good condition apparently.